The highlight of working with Mollie is that she is an artist and has an incredible vision for her work. I didn’t have to do anything other than give her my products, a list of categories/collections for group shots, and some extra ribbon to make sure everything looked as perfect as possible. Mollie took care of everything, and far exceeded my expectations. She effortlessly took the lead on the project, which made everything simple on my end.

Her photos made me feel like she cared as much about my products and my brand as I do. You cannot put a price tag on how valuable that is. I always felt like we were on the same team, striving for the same goals. I feel completely confident launching my e-commerce site knowing that Mollie’s pictures are doing all of the selling for me.
— Karen Collins, Owner / Pastry Chef, Bisousweet Confections

Mollie is a gifted photographer. As a start-up apparel company, Mollie works with us to build our portfolio of photographs that capture and convey the essence of our Cape Ann based brand, Tragabigzanda. A typical photo shoot with Mollie will take us out in the elements of Cape Ann with sometimes inexperienced models and unpredictable weather conditions.  Mollie always takes command of the shoot, directs the models and is creative with the use of the natural landscape – all while being an absolute pleasure to work with. Mollie is technically skilled and always prepared with the right camera, lens and lighting to capture the best images possible. Post production requires an acute attention to detail and patience.  Mollie works tirelessly to fine tune our images and provide us with photographs that truly convey the spirit of our brand. We highly recommend Mollie!
— Lauree Eckler, Founder and CEO, Tragabigzanda

We love Mollie’s photos, but what I appreciate most about her work is her approach. Mollie has a warm, understated presence which allows her to blend in while still letting people — and the animals — respond to her naturally, resulting in photos that truly capture the seasons and spirit of the farm. The relationships she has developed with the crew have enabled her to use an approach that is as collaborative as it is unobtrusive. She is so easy and enjoyable to work with!
— Marjie Findlay, Co-Owner, Clark Farm Carlisle