The Process – Creating Brand Imagery 

A good visual asset should be functional and purposefully created. To that end, we work in partnership through a five-phase creative process to make high-quality, unique images tailored to your brand and which offer flexibility across all branches of your visual marketing strategy.


The first thing we do is a brand visuals audit, taking a look at your brand’s current visuals and evaluate where they’re used, their overall consistency, the message they’re conveying, and what is missing or needed.


Next, we review the personality of your brand and your target audience in addition to creating a mood board or Pinterest board. This gives me a better idea of what you are looking for in terms of composition and editing style.         


Using the information we gathered in steps one and two above, we create a shot-list – a detailed description of potential photos that speak to your branding and messaging. Once we know what we will photograph, we put together a prop list, including backgrounds and surfaces, and collect everything before shooting. If we are doing a location shoot, I will do location scouting. 


Armed with a clear vision and well-thought-out plan, I shoot and edit your custom branded stock images. You just sit back and relax.

Deliver + Engage

I electronically deliver your new branded imagery, formatted for your specific needs and ready for you to customize and use. I also put together a brand photo style guide for you as a supplement to your graphic style guide, designed to help you keep your branding consistent for the times you want to take your own photos.